quality and safety

are the cornerstones in everything we do

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Quality and Safety are cornerstones in everything Iturcemi Group do.

Our devotion to these two principles is clear in every project we are involved in and each solution we provide.

Quality and Safety Iturcemi Group

Detailed Quality

Iturcemi Group undertake to implement a Quality Management System (QMS) designed to comply with, as requested, international standard ISO 9001 and other relevent ones.
The whole organization, from top to bottom, is fully committed to backing up quality policies to reach quality objectives and implement the QMS.
We constantly work on improving our quality management system to provide high quality services, improve clients' satisfaction and loyalty.
Our objective is to create the best experience ever for our industrial clients as the source of growth and excellence.

"Quality is our best guarantee to foster clients' loyalty, our greater strength against competitors and the only way to grow ."

Our Commitment to Safety

Safety and our organizational, fundamental and non-negotiable business culture are inseparable for Iturcemi Group and lead all our actions and commitments.
Our safety culture comprises the behaviour, belief and values of any member of our team, which are shared to control those risks present in our activities.
Our objective is excellence in safety and we focus on facilities, processes and people in order to achieve it. Prevention, incident analysis, communication and the implementation of measures to improve, help us in risk management and control.
The "zero accidents" objective is applicable to all Iturcemi Group staff, both our employees or subcontracted, who must be surrounded by equally safety conditions. Following this logic commitment, Group companies support their contractors in the adoption of their own improvement measures.
We undertake to work on the continuous improvement of our working conditions, mainly by observing those organizations which reduce difficult conditions at work, and to work on job quality specially through health and safety at work schemes.

"Health and Safety at work should concern everybody in the organization. That is why we all must get involved. "