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This website has been designed for the purposes of providing users with detailed information about ITURCEMI GROUP, as well as with the communication tools to contact and interact with us.

This corporate Website includes the following companies:

Iturcemi, S.L. VAT No. B 33663279

Iberastur Ingenieria, S.L VAT No. B 74443565

Moymsa Ingenieria, S.L. VAT No. B20980330

DeltaDigital Systems, S.L VAT No. B 52553531

Iturcemi Group with address at Avenida de la Siderurgia, 28 in Parque Empresarial del Principado de Asturias 33490 Avilés (Asturias, Spain) holds this website.


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Users accept the terms and conditions herein when accessing the website. Should users reject these terms and conditions, wholly or partly, they would abstain from accessing this website.

Users undertake to use website contents accordingly and not to use them for their own benefit. Likewise, they shall be responsible for any action that may damage or worsen the website, thus being liable for any damages as a result of such non-compliance.

ITURCEMI GROUP take no responsibility whatsoever for a misuse of the contents herein. Users shall be fully responsible for such use or misuse. Likewise, ITURCEMI GROUP shall take no responsibility for the information contained in third-party websites, which can be accessed through links or search engines contained herein.

Website update and Modification

ITURCEMI reserves the right to modify or eliminate both the information contained herein, as well as its settings and presentation without giving notice or taking any responsibility whatsoever.

Technical issues

ITURCEMI GRUPO shall not be liable for either anything happening as a result of technical problems or failures of IT equipment during the time users are connected to the network or for damages caused to third parties as a result of illegal interference out of ITURCEMI GROUP's control. We shall be held harmless for damages caused to users as a result of errors, faults or omissions in information provided to them, when such information comes from external sources.

Intellectual Property

ITURCEMI GRUPO's services' users ensure and guarantee to maintain the provided personal data duly updated and will be responsible for their accuracy, validity and authenticity.
Likewise, in case of services provided to client-companies, these clients shall be the ones to communicated the necessary updated data to provide such services.


Personal data shall be stored, as long as they are necessary for the purposes stated, when being collected in order to keep the relation and link between the data subject and the organization. All the foregoing, if the aforementioned data subject had not requested the cancellation of such data, so that data would be maintained pursuant to complying with the legal deadlines under those legal obligations to be fulfilled by ITURCEMI GRUPO.
In case of providing services to third parties, data shall not be kept longer than necessary for the correct service provision.
Maintaining or processing any data after having finished providing such service shall be under client's request, upon confirmation of the terms and conditions ruling their maintenance or processing in writing .

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