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This portal regulates the processing of personal data provided by users to ITURCEMI GROUP, pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation 016/679, of the European Parliament and Council of 27th April 2016 (“GDPR”) and the Organic Law 3/2018, of 5th December on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of Digital Rights (“LOPD”).

This Privacy Policy is aimed at explaining how the personal data managed by ITURCEMI GROUP are collected, processed and protected, so that natural persons can freely and voluntary decide to provide their data through the channels made available for such purposes. Likewise, this Privacy Policy regulates how personal data provided by users to the website through different channels in the past are processed, as well as those that users may provide in the future as referred to this Policy.

ITURCEMI GROUP undertake to update this Privacy Policy at all times, and to modify it in order to comply with different regulations based on legal judgement or business needs affecting ITURCEMI GROUP.

Should you have any doubts on how your personal data are processed, please contact ITURCEMI GROUP at:  or by postal mail to: Parque Empresarial del Principado de Asturias, Avenida de la Siderurgia, 28, 33490 Avilés (Asturias, Spain)

Data Processor

Visiting this website is not an obligation for users to provide information about themselves. However, users should have to provide some personal data previously, in order to use certain services or access certain contents. In case you provide personal data, we inform you that your data shall be processed by ITURCEMI GRUPO, S.L, as Data Processor, pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679), hereinafter “GDPR” and its implementing regulations.

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The business address for notification purposes is the following Parque Empresarial del Principado de Asturias, Avenida de la Siderurgia, 28, 33490 Avilés (Asturias, Spain)

Phone No.: +34 985 303 724

You may contact the Data Protection Processor or Data Protection Officer of each company:  

Business Address: Parque Empresarial del Principado de Asturias, Avenida de la Siderurgia, 28, 33490 Avilés (Asturias, Spain)

Phone No.: +34 985 303 724

Personal Data Process Purposes

ITURCEMI GROUP process personal data to provide services linked to the management and presentation of our activities and services. ITURCEMI GROUP also process personal data of companies, which receive their services showing total respect for the purposes the services are provided for. However, they will never use

such personal data for purposes other than the ones stated. ITURCEMI GROUP undertake not to communicate or transfer such personal data of our client-companies to third parties, except if stated in an agreement and for the purposes of providing services.

In specific situations, ITURCEMI GROUP may be forced to transfer the personal data they are managing to public entities, the police or legal entities within the framework of specific investigations, and always after having proved the legal obligation for such transfer.

Likewise, in case ITURCEMI GROUP have to work with other subcontractors in order to provide services, they shall inform those client-companies and request their authorisation for such subcontracting in each case.

Specific personal data processing policy is explained on the website in relation to the personal data requested to provide different services.

Companies receiving ITURCEMI GROUP's services must be responsible for collecting data within the framework of their activities and relation with other clients, who are natural persons, and for carrying out their activity within the parametres stated by the client-companies in the services contract.

Data Origin

Data are directly collected from the information provided by users, either natural or legal persons.

In case of the services provided by ITURCEMI GROUP to other companies, data may have been provided to these companies and be likewise collected within the scope of the provision of the services contracted. Should this be the case, as aforementioned, ITURCEMI GROUP shall act according to the contract, thus undertaking not to use data for purposes other than the provision of such services.

ITURCEMI GROUP as data processor shall request users' expressed consent to this Privacy Policy prior to giving their data whenever necessary.

Accuracy and truthfulness of provided data


ITURCEMI GROUP's services' users assure and are responsible for the accuracy, truthfulness and authenticity of the personal data provided in any case, and commit to keep them duly updated.
Likewise, in case of services provided to client-companies, these shall inform of data updates for a correct service provision.
The personal data provided shall be stored as long as they are necessary for the purposes they were collected in each case, in order to keep the relationship or link between the organization and the subject until the latter requests their cancellation. Likewise, they shall also be stored pursuant to the legal terms for ITURCEMI GROUP to comply with its legal obligations.
In case of providing services to third parties, the personal data managed shall not be stored, in any case, for purposes beyond the correct provision of services.
Data custody or management once the provision of services has been ended shall be upon the client's request with a prior confirmation of the conditions of such custody or management in writing.

Legal standing of the formal authorisation to use data

The legal standing to process data shall be carried out pursuant to what is stated in articles 6 and 9 of GDPR. Data subjects must be informed of the legality applied to each service provision, such as consent, execution of the legal relationship in which the subject is a party, ITURCEMI GROUP's compliance with a legal obligation or interest.

In case of a provision of services to third parties, the client-company shall determine data collection parametres. In this respect, third-party personal data should not be stated in the forms herein, except if their prior consent had been collected pursuant article 7 of GDPR. Client-companies shall be exclusively responsible for the non-compliance with this obligation or any other related to personal data.

Data recipent

During the time ITURCEMI GROUP are processing data, ITURCEMI GROUP shall not communicate such data except for complying with their legal obligations or as previously authorised by the client or person, whose prior consent should have been requested, as necessary. Clients or people should be informed about the consequences of not having provided their consent and, in each case, that it would not be possible to provide the services.

Data subject rights

ITURCEMI GROUP make it easier for data subjects to exercise the following rights connected to personal data:

  • The right to request access to personal data to know which are being processed and how they are being processed. Any data subject has the right to collect information about how ITURCEMI GROUP process data subject personal data and to access their personal data.
  • The right to request data modification or cancellation. Any data subject has the right to request inaccurate data modification or, in any case, request their cancellation when data are not necessary for the purposes they were collected, in each case.
  • The right to request a limited data process. Under certain circumstances, data subjects may want to request a limitation in data processing, by which data will be stored for managing claims.
  • The right to oppose to data processing: In certain circumstances and due to personal reasons, subjects may oppose to data processing. In this case, ITURCEMI GROUP shall stop processing data except for legal reasons or to manage or defend potential claims.
  • The right to data portability: This means granting any European citizen the right pursuant to which any company that is automatically processing their data could transfer or communicate such data to other company indicated by the citizen following a structured, understandable and automatized format.
  • The right to withdraw the consent given. In case the subject granted their consent for a specific purpose, the subject has the right to withdraw such consent at any time without impacting the legal processing based on the previous consent given and now withdrawn.

Subjects may exercise their rights at any moment and free of charge by sending an email to stating the right they want to exercise and their identifying data. Such communication shall be received by ITURCEMI GROUP Data Protection Officer.

In case subjects are not satisfied with their rights as far as data protection is concerned, they may file a claim before the Data Protection on their website


ITURCEMI GROUP shall only use data storage and recovery devices ('Cookies'), when users grant their prior consent pursuant to what is stated in the user's browser's pop-up, when accessing the Web for the first time and to what is stated in the Terms and Conditions included in the Cookies Policy of ITURCEMI GROUP.

Security Measures

ITURCEMI GROUP have adopted all security levels required by the GDPR according to the type of data being processed each time. Notwithstanding the foregoing, technical security on the Internet is not unbreakable. Therefore, there may be fraudulent actions by third parties, even when ITURCEMI GROUP have put in place all the available tools to prevent such actions.