Iturcemi Group count on their own manufacturing facilities for the three working areas: electrical, mechanical and oleo hydraulic.
These three workshops are located in Gijón (Asturias, Spain) for them to be better connected, thus allowing us an easy access to the main sources of supply, to the port and to the main roads. Besides, they are close to our main industrial clients.

Our workshops are understood as a natural extension of our own engineering activity making it easier:
• To control manufacturing thoroughly, as it is critical in those projects which are technically complex and highly demanding.
• For clients to define project deadlines due to the Group's capacity to meet them.

However, workshops would never work without their professionals. ITURCEMI GROUP bet on balanced and strong staff combining experience and youth.

Meet our team

We do believe that project success relies on the people who make it possible.

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Optimize Your Projects with Our Experience

Our electrical workshop is located in the Industrial area of la Lloreda. Its modern facilities cover 2,000 for the manufacturing of:

Control panels, low voltage MCC engines of, and servers

·         PLCs y remotas (RTU´s)

·         Power intakes, local control, cross-connection panels, ancillary services

·         Fully installed E-Rooms, control pulpits

It should be pointed out the capacity of this workshop to carry out full testing on manufactured items so that our clients, if requested, may checked full control panel functionality prior to their delivery. s

The boilermaker mechanical workshop Located in Gijón is 3,000 sq metres and includes lifting facilities (up to 40 tonnes and 9 metres hook height) and equipment to:

         Manufacture specific industrial structures

         Manufacture industrial machinery

         Manufacture Pressure Vessels

         Conducts, Silos, Hoppers, etc..

We complete our manufacturing processes with collaboration agreeements with companies specialized in surface treatments, refractory covering and and insulation so that our final product is completely finished.

Finally, our oleo hydraulic workshop has been recently moved to Gijon and is more than 2,000 sq metres big, including fully equipped facilities to:

         Develop complete and flushing facilities

         Manufacture hydraulic equipment