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Project Engineering

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We approach engineering project development from our experience of more than 20 years with the support of our technical office and its own resources, to cover all specialties from civil works to digitalization. An engineering project begins with client's needs and finishes with the commissionning. However, there is much more in between: a complete engineering development (basic and detailed) and the execution of the project. Besides, ITURCEMI GROUP take part in the following tasks to be performed:

• We start working on the production process of the project. The area involved in such task works hand in hand with clients in order to understand their needs and communicate them to the basic engineering team. • We collaborate with clients to draft the viability studies as necessary or required. • Infrastructures (industrial buildings or buildings) should be built on some occasions, so we also contribute with our architectural knowledge. • We help to draft project's financial needs. • At the same time, we consider any legal-related requirements to adapt them to the project and provide solutions to related needs.
This is the core motto of an engineering company like us.

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