Technical Office


technical office

Our technical office staff is key to successful engineering project management and execution. Besides, they provide the necessary support required to all project stages from initial planning to project completion, while ensuring quality, efficiency and compliance with the defined objectives.

Civils works are the beginning of any industrial project. We can carry out the following tasks:

  • To design equipment and installation implementation based on 3D images of the grounds/installation.
  • To calculate complex foundations.
  • To define and calculate all kinds of interference structures.
  • We may implement equipment using 3D technology in which we can:
  • Combine different service suppliers.
  • Minimize interference.
  • Manage information.
  • Do georeferencing.
  • Calculate silos, hoppers, conveyor belts, etc.
  • Industrial buildings.
  • Civil Work
    Piping Iturcemi Grupo

    Our highly-experienced team uses cutting-edge technology for the following tasks:

    • To design piping systems.
    • To draw piping systems on the installation.
    • To calculate pipe stress.
    • To calculate and design supports.
    • To assess and legalize installations.
    • To select commercial items.

    Documents produced:

    • Isometric piping
    • Support drawings.
    • Material counting.
    •Equipment implementation drawings.
    •Item localization drawings(instruments, supports, among others)

    We cover the whole EIC scope (both LV and MV) at documentary level:
    • Detailed engineering development prior to the design phase.
    • Detailed electrical studies: short-circuit, selection and coordination of enclosures, earthing, Lightning Protection Systems, lighting, reactive power corrections, load flow, engine start.
    • Calculation of cables and routes.
    • Cables: short-circuit, maximum current and voltage drops.
    • Channeling, space and weight (Kg/m).
    • Layout 2D/3D to implement: channeling, lighting, instrumentation, sockets, electrical equipment, boxes and cabinets.
    • Common assembly: lighting, channeling and earthing.
    • Design of electrical cabinets of all kind: MV cells, CGBT, CCMs, Control, Boxes...
    Including electrical schemes, equipment layout, terminal board, list of materials, developed schemes.
    • Operation and maintenance manuals.

    Areas we can work on:

      • The design of industrial control architectures ( with security and cibersecurity optimization criteria).
      • PLCs design and programming.

      • DCS, Scada, HMI design and programming.
      • Field instruments.
      • Automation project management.

    Values and advantages

      • Young staff but highly-experienced.

      • Great interest for lifelong training both in-house and external .

      • Partner Programmes with first brands: Siemens, Rockwell, Wonderware, Cubic…
      • Excellent and collaborative working environment.


    While drafting the offer:

      • Close collaboration to draft basic engineering, specifications and scopes.

    During the Project phase

      • Collaboration with the engineering area for scope definition.
      • Analysis of the process to be automized and functional description.
      • Design and development of the automation system.
      • FAT, SAT and functional testing.
      • Installation, commissioning and folllow-up.
      • Assistance when starting out

    Available at any time

      • Advice to clients.
      • Follow-up of installed systems.

    This is a highly-specialized sector. We work hand-in-hand with clients on:
    • The design of all kinds of hydraulic equipment.
    • The proposal and design of hydraulic piping systems.
    • The design of oil systems.
    •3D modelling prior to manufacturing in order to check relevant details for clients.
    • Technical advice on optimizing and/or improving facilities.